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Cash Management and Business Deposit Services

We know how crucial effective cash management can be for your business.  With our Business Deposit Services we can help you implement or improve the efficiency of your collection, disbursement and information systems.  These services are designed to increase interest income and decrease interest expense.  At the same time, Business Deposit Services will assist you in reducing human resource expenses associated with managing your banking relationship.

Business Online Banking

Business Online Banking provides online access to your deposit and credit relationship with Voyager Bank.  Learn more about all of the Business Online Banking capabilities.

Business Bill Pay

Voyager Bank Business Bill Pay is $10.00 per month unlimited items or $3.75 per month with 8 items free per month and $0.50 thereafter per item.  First three months of service are FREE.  To enroll in this valuable service, contact your local branch and speak with a Voyager bank representative or Enroll Now.

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*Another way to send and receive money to anyone is through Popmoney.  It's a secure and fast way to transfer money from your Voyager Bank account to any other U.S. account using only his/her name and e-mail address or mobile number.  To send money to a family member or friend in as little as one day, simply go into online banking and then click "bill pay."

Electronic Deposit from Your Place of Business

Save time and money when you deposit checks electronically. Now you can make deposits to your Voyager Bank checking account without leaving your office and get access to your funds sooner. This secure transmission technology utilizes a small desktop scanner to process deposits in compliance with Check 21 guidelines, expediting funds availability while maximizing cost efficiency and convenience. Learn more.

Already enrolled in Electronic Deposit? Click here to access the Electronic Deposit Sign-in page.

Wire Transfers

Send or receive same day funds by electronic transfer between financial institutions. Domestic and International wire transfers are available in U.S. Dollars and most foreign currencies.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

With the ACH system of electronic disbursements and collections, you may originate or receive payments for direct deposit of payroll, vendor payments, rent collection, membership payments and cash concentration. Transactions are delivered to Voyager Bank using the Premier ACH program provided through our Business Online Banking service. 

Positive Pay

Voyager Bankís Positive Pay service safeguardís your business by identifying fraudulent checks at the time they are presented for payment. Positive Pay compares checks that are presented to your account for payment against a list of checks that you have issued. Each time your accounts payable system generates checks, you transmit a checks-issued file to Voyager Bank.  Voyager Bank compares your issued check data to our daily paid check file to ensure that all checks presented for payment have been authorized and presented for the correct amount. If an item does not match, we notify you at the beginning of the day so you can determine whether to pay or return the item. Talk to your Voyager Bank representative to learn more about Positive Pay.

Lockbox Services

Voyager Bank will receive remittances directly from your customers and deposit them into your account. We will also provide a daily summary showing all of the items processed that day. The lockbox service speeds up the collection of funds and reduces human resource time spent processing remittances.

Business Instant Cash and Check Card®

The Business Instant Cash and Check Card® works just like a checkbook only it's faster, easier and more convenient than writing a check. It looks like a credit card but works like a check because the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. It also works as your ATM card with all of its convenience.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Voyager Bank has partnered with Heartland Payment Systems to provide Visa/MasterCard merchant credit card processing for our commercial clients.

As one of the nationís leading payment processors, Heartland handles all elements of both credit and debit transaction processing offering a host of services that make one-stop processing a reality for our merchants. Learn more.

Zero Balance Accounts

Eliminate the risk of overdrafts and reduce time spent monitoring subsidiary accounts with our Zero Balance Account. This account gives you the ability to attach one or more of your subsidiary commercial checking accounts to your main operating account with automatic funding to provide a target balance of $0.00 at the end of each business day.

E-Statements and E-Notices

Speed up the delivery and reduce the clutter of paper by signing up for E-Statements and E-Notices.  Begin receiving your account statements and notices electronically through our secure Business Online Banking program.  It's convenient, secure, and great for the environment, and best of all...FREE! 

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Combined Statements

Get organized by signing up for Combined Statements.  Receive one statement rather than two or more when you combine your Voyager checking and savings accounts into one statement, simplifying your life. Please call or visit a Banker at one of our offices to have your statements combined.

Account Analysis Statements

These statements summarize the services you use, including transaction volumes, average balances and service charge calculations.


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