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Electronic Deposit

Save Time and Money by Depositing Checks Electronically From Your Office.

Now you can make deposits to your business account without ever leaving your place of business and get access to your funds sooner. Just scan checks with a desktop scanner and submit checks electronically. This small desktop scanner utilizes a secure transmission technology to process deposits in compliance with Check 21 guidelines, expediting funds availability while maximizing cost efficiency and convenience.

Depositing Checks Electronically is Ideal for Businesses that:



> Frequently deposit checks
> Need quicker access to their funds
> Are not conveniently located near a Voyager
   Bank office 
> Have satellite offices outside of Voyager 
   Bankís service area 



Time Savings. Deposit checks without leaving the office to go to the bank.

Cost Savings. Reduce trips to the bank and eliminate courier expenses.

Faster Funds Availability. Deposit checks daily for improved cash flow and quicker access to working capital.

Greater Flexibility. Transmit electronic deposits 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

Extended Hours. Deposits can be received until 5:00 p.m. Central Time for same-day credit.

Improved Efficiency. Save time, improve posting accuracy and centralize deposits from remote locations into one bank.

Improved Record Keeping. Archived retrieval provides convenient access to check images and deposit details.


Itís easy to get started. Talk to your Voyager Bank account representative for more information.


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