Be Even Better

The foundation of Voyager’s Bank’s success is built on the ability of our entire team to consistently deliver the highest level of service to our clients and coworkers. Every department and individual team member plays a role in maintaining and strengthening this foundation. As a team, we must challenge and commit ourselves to be even better.

Careers at Voyager Bank

If you are interested in a career at Voyager Bank, please contact our Human Resource Team by directing your message to Careers on the email form. If you would like to send your résumé as an attachment, please email your information to the Human Resources team at (Note: your personal information is not secure when you send an email using the email link.)

Voyager is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

The email link provided above is not a secure email link. If you wish to email information securely please go to our Email Us page, any information sent from the Email Us page email portal is secure.

Open Positions

Currently there are no open positions. Please check back soon.

Our Mission & Vision


Voyager is a business bank that:

  • Delivers superior service and expertise to our clients;
  • Provides a professional environment and sets high expectations for our team to achieve individual and team success; and
  • Acts with integrity in all that we do.


We strive to “Be Even Better” and be viewed by our clients, our employees, our communities, our regulators and our shareholders as the premier business bank in the markets we serve.

Our vision is for Voyager Bank to be viewed as the premier business bank in the Twin Cities and Mankato markets. We will strive to realize our vision by 2017 and to maintain that status going forward. The term “premier business bank” will have different meanings to different groups:

To our clients, it will mean that we serve their banking needs in an exceptional manner, proactively developing solutions for their banking needs. It will mean that they know that they have a trusted, loyal partner for their business. It will mean that they view Voyager Bank as a core partner in the ongoing success of their business.

To our employees, it will mean that they are a member of the best team in banking, accountable to each other to achieve the high expectations of performance and overall success of Voyager Bank. It will mean that they will work in a professional environment that recognizes achievement, rewards success, provides opportunities to grow and have fun along the way.

To our communities, it will mean that Voyager Bank is regarded as an asset to the community. In addition to being active leaders and participants in civic and charitable initiatives, it will mean that Voyager Bank is viewed as a valued contributor to the economic growth and stability of our communities.

To our regulators, it will mean that we have earned a level of well-deserved trust. It will mean that our regulators see us as strong, well-managed bank that operates the “right way’.

To our shareholders, it will mean that we deliver strong, consistently improving financial results that will enhance the value of their investment. It will mean that our shareholders are proud to be owners of Voyager Bank and are committed to a long term investment.