Account Activity

E-Statements and Notices

Speed up the delivery and reduce the clutter of paper by signing up for E-Statements and Notices.  Begin receiving your account statements and notices electronically through our secure Business Online Banking program.  It's convenient, secure, and great for the environment, and best of all... FREE!

E-Statements and Notices available:

  • Commercial Checking/VIA Statements
  • Commercial Checking Analysis Statement
  • Checking Transfer Notice
  • Return Deposit Item Notice
  • OD\NSF Notice
  • Redeposit Item Notice
  • Savings Account Statement
  • Savings Account Correction Notice

Combined Statements

Get organized by signing up for Combined Statements. Receive one statement rather than two or more when you combine your Voyager checking and savings accounts into one statement, simplifying your life. Please call or visit a Banker at one of our offices to have your statements combined.

Account Analysis Statements

Available with our Commercial Checking Account product. These statements summarize the services you use, including transaction volumes, average balances and service charge calculations.