FAQ - General Information

Online Bill Pay is a free benefit of Personal Online Banking. Once you have signed up for Personal Online Banking, you can begin using Online Bill Pay at any time by logging in to your accounts, clicking "Pay Bills" and scheduling the payments that you want to make online.

Voyager customers and consumers may receive the Voyager Bank E-Newsletter communication containing product specials, upcoming events and news updates.  If you do not want to receive the Voyager Bank E-Newsletter you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link contained in the E-Newsletter.

In October 2003, the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act became law. Now known simply as Check 21, the legislation's goals include "to improve the overall efficiency of the nation's payments system."Check 21 allows checks to be scanned or otherwise converted to a digital form and transmitted instantly to their destination. They can then be reprinted from the digital form back to a printed form. This reproduced check is known as a substitute check. With Check 21, you may receive substitute checks with your monthly account statements that provide legal proof that you made a payment.

Provide the following information to the sender of the wire transfer:

  • Bank Name: Voyager Bank
  • Bank Address: 775 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
  • Routing Transit Number: 291971469
  • Your Account Name:
  • Your Account Number:

As a participant in Fedwire Services®, Voyager Bank receives all incoming wire transfers through the Federal Reserve System. If you are receiving a wire transfer from outside the USA, you may need to provide the sender with additional information. If this is the case, please Contact Us.

The bank routing number or routing transit number is found as a nine digit numeric code printed on the bottom of checks. Voyager Bank’s routing number is: 291971469

Yes, but only after you contact Voyager Bank prior to your departure to authorize your card for international transactions. Due to the increase in fraudulent debit card and ATM card transactions originating in foreign countries, Voyager Bank has placed restrictions on the use of debit cards outside of the United States. If you plan to travel outside of the United States and wish to use your debit card or ATM card in a foreign country, please contact your local branch to have your card authorized for foreign transactions during your travel dates. You can also complete a request online by completing the Authorization for International Debit Card & ATM Card Transactions Form. If you have questions regarding this notification please contact your Voyager Bank branch office.

Because Voyager Bank is committed to safeguarding your identity and confidential information, if you have forgotten your telebanking PIN, you will need to email us at Client Support or contact a Banker at one of our offices. One of our Bank representatives will assist you.

The telebanking toll-free number is 1-888-999-0265.

If you have forgotten your Instant Cash® PIN, you will need to email us at Client Support or contact a Banker at one of our offices. One of our Bank representatives will assist you.

Please call Instant Cash® at 1-800-535-8440.

Please call or visit a Banker at one of our offices to assist you with your reorder of checks.

Go to the Voyager Bank Applications Center.  You can apply online for business or personal deposit accounts and related services as well as certain personal loans.  You can also enroll for Business and Personal Online Banking and to receive E-Statements.  You can submit your application online or you can visit one of our branch offices.