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As business bank, we have many kinds of customers from start-ups, rapid-growth and turnaround businesses, large commercial operations and corporate giants. But no matter the size of your business, we’ll be there to help you take advantage of growth opportunities. But don’t take our word for it…

Listen to what our customers are saying.

Creative Solutions

As the owner of Scott County Abstract & Title Co., Nick Moonen knows how to run a finely tuned business by paying close attention to details and delivering quality service. He’s helped in great part by having a strong banking relationship with Voyager Bank.

“They understand my business challenges and always come to the table with creative ideas and solutions,” said Nick. “I particularly appreciate their Positive Pay service – it protects me against potential fraud and it integrates efficiently with Business Online Banking.”

-Nick Moonen
Scott County Abstract & Title Co.

A Good Fit at Every Level

Chris Bonvino is the president and sole owner of Gemini Athletic Wear, Inc., one of the premier high-end jersey manufacturers in North America. Founded in 1991, Chris takes pride in the fact that his garments are high quality, look great, wear well and are produced domestically.

That same desire for quality brought him to Voyager Bank six years ago when he was looking for a business loan. Right away, he noticed how different Voyager was from larger commercial banks. “Not only was Voyager Bank more friendly and accommodating, but the process to switch both my personal and business accounts was very easy and efficient,” said Chris.

“One thing I really appreciate is the Bank’s electronic deposit service. I never have to leave my office to deposit checks—what a convenience!”

Chris believes Voyager Bank has a unique culture—it’s based on hiring the “right” people who understand financial needs and then deliver exceptional products and services. “Even the small account I opened for a foundation I started receives personal attention and care—and it comes from every level. Now, that’s quality!”

-Chris Bonvino
Gemini Athletic Wear

Working Together.

Getting Things Done.

When Jon Edwards founded Quality Insulation, back in 1979, his focus was to build and maintain customer relationships. As the company grew, his financial needs changed, but his focus did not—he still believed in the personal touch and wanted that same connection with his bank.

In the early development of his company, he went to Voyager Bank, where the bankers provided him with the loans he needed to grow the business. He quickly brought all of his business and personal accounts to Voyager because, “they made the transition completely seamless when I moved all my accounts.”

“What I like best about Voyager,” he continued, “is that the service comes from the top down. Everyone is proactive and believes in one-on-one relationships. All the bank staff participate in a variety of community functions, not just the management team.”

Jon appreciates that Voyager understands what is important to him as he runs his business. “They’re receptive to new ideas and will work with me to accomplish my goals,” said Jon. “Now, that’s what I call a ‘win-win’ partnership.”

-Jon Edwards
Quality Insulation